When do we stop being referred to as immigrants? When does this association end? The association itself is not a negative portrayal, or at least it never used to be until as of late. However, when does one move from being an immigrant to being a native?

One would’ve thought after being born and bred in a particular country, being familiar with the culture, and mannerisms, speaking their language and obviously “sounding” through your accent as being from that country would render you a fully fledged citizen.

But it obviously doesn’t.

Because despite all this, and despite of how “integrated” or “assimilated” you have become, you will be reminded sometime or another that you infact haven’t. And probably never will.

You are referred to as either a 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant, belonging to the black and minority ethnic group, or a [insert ethnic origin or country of origin here] Scot even if you have never ever ventured to your parents or grandparents homeland and are only familiar with it through Bollywood or when war breaks out. Now of course they insert “Muslim” in so you could be a British-Pakistani-Muslim, or a Scottish-Muslim-Indian.

 When does this end? Will our children be referred to as 5th/6th generation immigrants? Will they never be considered British or Irish or Welsh or Scottish, without having to express or add on the country of their descendent’s origins?

When does this brand of categorising come to an end? This medium of alienation and being seen as “not really one of us” simply because due to our colour of skin we appear “different” is a major problem. It is racist.

Then again people complain we use the race card to the point of saturation.

 Can’t ever win, can we?