I am attempting to bake bread in order to make this. The rest of the recipe was cooked earlier on in the day, but I didn’t have all purpose flour so went out in the afternoon to purchase some. Or at least I THOUGHT I didn’t have any, until I found out all purpose flour and plain flour (which we have an abundant amount of at home) are the same thing!

Now that small waste of a time matter was over, back to baking bread. It sounds simple enough, but I am having trouble with preparing the dough (which’ll mean no bread for me or anyone else).

On my first attempt the dried active yeast I have lying in the cupboard was added to the flour mixture. It nicely kneaded into a lovely non-sticky ball of dough. The kind that feels like rubber in the palm of your hand.

After leaving it for 10mins in a warm place, I went back to check on it. It was meant to have increased in size. It didn’t.

Hmm I thought. I went back to the tub of dried yeast. And read the instructions. I was meant to prepare the yeast mixture BEFORE adding it to the flour.

So I proceeded to add water, a pinch of sugar and sprinkled some yeast in this. Left it until some beer-like smelling froth appeared. Added this to the NEW flour mixture.

This dough however was not as soft and non-sticky as the last one. It kept sticking to the bowl. So i added more flour until it un-stuck itself. I’m still not too happy with how it’s looking. Its not as soft as the last one, and it sticks if i touch (poke) it.

It had risen somewhat last time I took a look, or i think it did. I might have imagined it. It better have doubled in size otherwise I give up!