I have a real hard time picking gifts out for men. Usually I like to buy quirky, eclectic items, but they usually only really appear to appeal to females. For the male species, aftershave, jewellery, clothes, shirts, ties have been done to death.

So please help me out, I have to buy a gift for Q and have no idea what to get. Ok well I don’t *have* to, but I would like to as a surprise. On birthdays, anniversary’s, first times, milestones etc gifts are expected even if people make it seem otherwise. You know you want a gift. Well…I know I look forward to it – what does that say about me I wonder!

 And besides they do say giving gifts to one another, be it between friends, husband/wife, to your elders or the youngsters increases love for one another, so what can be better than surprising someone with a gift randomly, without it being connected to a celebration or milestone? And if its the thought that counts, then even better -especially if it concerns brownie points with partner :p

So any gift ideas people?