I love my mother

Although we have different tastes in clothes, colours, and music we share the same temperament. Although we argue, we feel bad when we do and make up with one another at the double. And although I sometimes wish I don’t turn out like my mother, parts of me hope to do things at least half as well as my mother does them.

Although I sometimes take her for granted, when she’s not here I appreciate and realise all she does for me and how she never says “no” to anything I like

I love my mother when she allows me to make mistakes to learn from, but is there to help me. Although she can lose her temper at times, its quite easy to make her laugh. But when she’s angry, its a warning to stay out of her way and retreat to your humble rooms.

Her patience and impatience, her mothering qualities and child like sense of humour, her love and her concern, her care and hope, her affection and her anger all contribute to who she is and thats why I love my mother.