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There are a few newly weds and not so newly wedded people I know who are very soon going onto having a family. They are all very excited and looking forward to it all.

For those who are parents, or parents to be, or one day want to be parents – what kind of feelings did you have/do you have with regards to children? Do you feel all warm and fuzzy? A bit nervous? Scared? Crying a lot? (crazy hormones)

Is there something wrong if you dont feel positive feelings, but are rather blase about it all? Would such a woman especially be looked down upon if she wasn’t doing cartwheels at the news of her pregnancy? Perhaps through it being a surprise/unplanned, or just due to being no attachment per se to the unborn baby?

Any stories of this sort to share anyone? How does one deal with feeling like that, if it ever happens (im sure it does to some women)