Again Ramadhan is here and again there is much interest in what people have for suhoor/sehri and for iftaar.

Some are of the opinion (and mindset) that considering the day is long and in some places fasting is for 15hours, the more you eat the longer you can function and sustain energy for.

Therefore people insist on having suhoors that consist of buttered bread, eggs, cereal, fruit, doughnuts, cakes and anything else their hands can get to whilst bleary eyed.

Iftaar doesnt get any better. If you are desi you will know it largely compromises of fried food. DEEP fried food – anything and everything is dipped in batter and deep fried.

And then you end up with pasty blotchy skin and wonder how it happened.

I literally can feel the oil from these fatty foods oozing out my pores (yes disgusting picture, but a useful one) and refrain from them if possible.

So my suhoors now (after deciding to not follow the pack and go back to my normal eating habits instead of adopting these new ones) involve toast with herbal tea in the morning and a sandwich at iftaar, with some fruit juice, dates and fruit salad.

What do you feast on for suhoor and iftaar?