These beggars, uff! They’re everywhere. It’s a shame they have to resort to begging. Some of them are so beautiful as well. Such fair skin and light coloured eyes. So beautiful. But look at their kismat. Such a poor shame. Becharey.

These Afghan children are so beautiful. Really, look at them. Their complexion and sharp eyes. Gora gora rang. Bahot khoobsurat hotay hai. Beautiful. You know these Pathan’s actually look forward to having daughters, so as they get older and of marriageable age they can sell them off to the highest bidder. God forbid, such ignorance. Their women-folk really are very pretty though. You can spot them a mile off, their eyes shine through even under the burka.

Check these maraasins out. Dirty girls. How loud and garish are they? Spitting their paan on the road. Yuck, such janvars. Chipak jati hai, for God sake jao dafa ho. Haath nahin lagana or else I’ll break your limbs. Disgusting.

Kids with matted hair, tattered and soiled clothes come tapping on your car window while you sit, patiently while other not to patiently, for the traffic lights to go green. Tap tap tap “Allah kay naam mein dey dey baaji, Allah aap ka bala karey ghaa. Allah aap ko khush rakhey baaji. Is ghareeb ki madhat kar dey baaji, paisey dey dey. Subha ki bhooki hoon, kuch paisey dey dey baaji”.  The car window remains unopened. Drive a bit further and there are some teenage girls, selling pieces of cloth or flowers or washing car windows only to be turned down. And so they move on.

Stop over at a shop to buy some food and snacks. A wee girl comes up to the car and stands there staring for a while with her big brown eyes “baaji, kuch dey dey naa baaji“. She remains standing, staring with such intensity perhaps trying to tug at your soul or at least your heart strings. Taking care not to give them money as you don’t know for sure whether they are genuine or part of a bigger begging empire, you rummage through the handbag and come across some sweets, give her a few and wait for her to disappear.

After a while she is joined by 3 other girls, all varying in age. None over the age of 12. One holding a very small child. “Kuch paisey dey dey baaji, baaji piyaari lag rahi hai, udar ka sika dey dey baaji, terey lambi umar dey vastey, terey saiyaan di lambi umar dey vastey kuch dey dey baaji“. You wave them off and away, tell them to leave, but they remain standing. Is ko yeh dey do, akar saiyaa ka vasta deeya hai!. You hand the girl some money, she snatches it out your hand as though you may reconsider handing it over “thodey aur dey do baaji. The driver tells them off strictly with threats of smacking them.

They teeter away behind a dilapidated building which housed a small grocery store but they remain in eyesight of the car and its passengers, looking for a chance to come again, to ask for alms, to ask “kuch dey dey baaji, Allah kay naam main dey dey“.