I have yet to explore my new city – in my 6 months here I have not satisfied my travellers itch quite to the same extent as I did when making day visits with my brother or for work purposes.

Perhaps I may willow the day away in a romantic fashion, aimless walks in parks, a coffee and cake and dinner in some area which aesthetically is pleasing or at least easy on the eye. Surely there are some quiet spots hidden away in this vast jungle of a city? Valentine’s Day is falling on Saturday, may make good use of it but steer clear of all things fluffly – namely teddy bears. Red roses are very welcome however!

Coming from a city which during peak hours would find itself scattered with the odd person here and there, where you could hear a few pairs of heels echoing against the concrete walkway, the wind blow past, see vast open empty spaces as far as the eye could see- to what during the same time of day is hustling and heaving at the seams (this I suppose can only be described as urban living/cosmopolitan) can be overwhelming. And it has been, strangely…strange. My kindered spirit seems to have shrank, the explorer within subdued, the navigator keeping to what is familiar and leaving the unfamiliar well tucked away. Why this is the case I am not too sure. I am not one to shy away from new experiences, new people and new places

So much to do, to go, to see, but what to choose from and what won’t create a great crater in my ever shrinking purse!

And then there is the issue of having someone to go with – preferably someone who has the same interests as I or who at the very least, and the more desirable, quality of not complaining if bored whilst I indulge in my reverie.

Anyone willing to show me around London, in turn for my company? Provided you are not too quirky or weird off the kookiness spectrum would help. Or at least some pointers as to what needs to be seen or else I haven’t lived would be equally as appreciative (if you could also conjure up sun and help weed out the bitter cold frosty mornings!)