How come when you have a child with you people are more cheerful and receiving?

Despite looking dreary and not cracking a smile otherwise, especially onΒ  the Tube, when there is a child amongst your midst they will smile, wave and generally look lovely. Regardless of who they are, what they look like. They all have the same reaction. They look human – all touchy feely and you begin to believe they do indeed have a pulse and aren’t just 9-5 robots. Albeit this special treatment is primarily for the child, and he/she is at the receiving end of this attention but eventually they acknowledge the adult with the child and also give them a warm smile. A wee crack of a smile.

( They must believe this well-behaved child is such an angel. How cute does he/she look. Aww. Bless his/her cotton socks. Little do they know what he/she is like behind closed doors. Temperamental and naughty would be an understatement. )

I love it.

People should smile more often, with or without child as the binding agent.