Hypothetical Scenario #1:

You decide to pay a visit to a friend (of the opposite sex) at their home. You haven’t seen him/her for a long time and want to catch up. He/she lives alone. You have a cup of coffee with cake over part-banal part-stimulating conversation.

You stay for an hour or so. The friend begins to go through their DVD collection with you, and offers you to pop by anytime should you wish to borrow them or even have a DVD evening in with him/her. Offer of hot chocolate and marshmallows along with all things decadent (like chocolate cake) as part of the DVD evening is made.

After some more cake and conversation, you prepare to leave. The friend see’s you out. Thanks you for your company and offers to walk you down the flight of stairs. You don’t wish him/her the inconvenience so make your way down, skip and wave him/her goodbye. He/she goes back into their flat, and you make your way home.

Hypothetical Scenario #2:

The same as above except the friend is gay.

Your thoughts?