There is much being made of the return of Slumdog child star heroes to India. Much adulations, excitement, fervour, love, affection and celebrations are bestowed on them. They look incredibly bewildered as to what to do or how to behave in/with their overnight celebrity status.

I admit whilst browsing through the photographs at the Guardianfeelings of joy and a mellow warmth at the attention the Indian public was giving to these children.

But that soon wore off after acknowleding their fame, as wonderful as it may be, is very shortlived.

I wonder, will their lives have really changed at all? Have they been cruelly given a glimpse into a life full of opportunities, of comfortable living, of wealth and all the glory it brings in a world such as this,  a potentially good future only to be snatched away due to its temporary high nature as with everything else that fleetingly derives public and media attention is plonked onto a pedestal until public fascination ceases or something more interesting and attention worthy arrives? Is their destiny ultimately resigned to living life back in the slums amidst the squalor and poverty?

So unethical.

It’s like stealing candy from a child. Perhaps it was better for them not to have had the window of opportunity, to not have had the glimpse into a life they can only savour from afar.