A few weeks ago

Quite a spontaneous trip.

I thought about it, mulled over it and decided come the next day I shall go and visit the 3 museums which sit side by side in South Kensington.

But I only managed the National History Museum since I left in the afternoon and decided to take 2 sister in laws plus the wee one with us. Minus his pram/stroller. Those things annoy me – such a hassle especially on public transport. And its such a hinderance having to prop it up, look for dipped sections of pavements when crossing the road and much much more. Its use as a storing device for bags outweighs the larger hassle of pushing it about wherever you go, with or without any baby/toddler in it. More hassle than its worth. So we made do with making him walk some of the way, then carrying him and then letting him run around in muted awe at people, surroundings and of course the contents of the Museum, especially the dinosaurs. Never let him out of our sight. No siree.

I had forgotten about half-term until the sight and sounds of the museum bustling with screaming kids (and screaming parents) came to me. One woman literally was screaming since her child went AWOL. How long he had been AWOL for, I have no idea. She later found him I think since the screaming subsided and she was no longer running around bellowing his name. She had quite a throat on her, doubt I’d ever be able to shout as loud.

I personally love the building, the large open spaces. The Central Hall is especially beautiful – I find stained glass windows alluring. [Disclaimer: Excuse the random people in the photo’s. I do not know who they are. Honest.]

central hall

This glow of the lighting on the upper gallery was lovely.

upper gallery

Since it was busy and we were strapped for time we tookย  a whistle stop tour through most of the Museum aside from the mammals section.The picture below was a large display of small birds. It was beautiful


I was amused with the wee one’s reaction at all the animals which he promptly recognised and shouted out the names of. He, without fail, always ask where the animals’ Mama was – and then its Papa and its uncle and aunty and grandmama and grandpapa….yes he did this with every single mammal we came across! Apart from the dinosaur.


The T-rex is quite lifelike and its movement fluid. It makes a scary dinosaur, the wee one wouldn’t turn his back on it – despite alleviating his fears of it not coming to bite his butt! But nope so I didn’t get a photo of him with T-Rex. Maybe next time, when he’s older.

It was around 530pm when we left the Museum. Had a bite to eat and got home for around 7pm.

Museum Central Hall Entrance

All in all it was a good afternoon. Not bad for a spontaneous trip I have to admit.

The same went for Covent Garden. Watch out for it in the next installment of Touring the City.