There was a recent debate which took place on The Guardian, initiated by a self-confessed and open lesbian about the use of cosmetics. Julie Bindel is of the opinion, from a feminist stance, that no self-respecting woman, who was confident and comfortable in her own skin would employ make up. Cosmetic usage is purely for the attraction of men, in the hope that they may notice you and for you to pass off as a “normal” person.

She has come under fire for her own appearance, but vouches that:

Throughout my feminist career, I have been regularly – and often viciously – criticised for my appearance by misogynists, and yet what they are really reacting to is my refusal to dress up for male approval.

Do you agree with Julie that make up is a medium for dressing up for male approval? Or is it simply about enhancing features and the beauty that you already have been blessed with? Is there a push for females to conform to a the stereotype of a plush, fresh faced, full pouted, glossy haired vixen? Does make up come under the same category as restrictive and harmful items of clothing such as corsets, incredibly high heeled stiletto’s?

Is any kind of dressing up always  for male attention and approval?