Like Achelois, I am also not ignoring this blog.

My reasons for not blogging much or even commenting on other dear friends blog’s are similar to Achelois’. My apologies to fellow bloggers for this.

I’m too tired to blog, too tired to comment on things I see, hear, read and feel because I have effectively been worn out and wrung dry from it all. Tired physically, mentally, emotionally and perhaps intellectually. From thinking all the time and having a struggle.

The struggle being? Wanting to put pen to paper and writing all these thoughts down,  rants, idea’s, realisations and criticisms but realising the permanency this action results in. At least if a thought is in your mind it will evetually flitter away into the recesses of the blackholes which the mind is made of (only to later re-surface momentarily). But once written down, it is etched and engraved for time immemorial.

This urge however is subdued. I too like Achelois wish to sleep all the time. TV doesn’t appeal, but revisiting old documentaries or radio station programmes are.  Some topics and issues although important and of interest, I feel no desire to comment on because it rings of deja vu.

People have writing blocks. I have a lack of passion and desire as well as a writing block.

I need to be inspired and to feel enough to write.