Ramadhan is now nearing to an end. And Eid is approaching. Often Eid is anticipated by many with a mixture of sorrow and glad tidings.

New apparrel, such as clothing, jewellery, shoes and gifts for family and friends are often given.

When we were younger we used to look forward to Eid because it meant receiving “eidee” from parents which was in monetary form. And amongst all my Muslim peers, eidee was the norm – you were given eidee from your parents, uncles, aunties. But once I ventured outside of my peer group, I realised people were going the extra hog and buying gifts – including wrapping them with lovely paper, ribbons and bows! I liked that idea and automatically considered it synonymous to Xmas, which I have always found to be a lovely time of the year (moreso than Eid)- less so for the religious value but moreso for the effort that “bling” puts, much to our advantage so we can enjoy  beautiful light, glowing cities and towns and see it in a new light.

The only issue with giving gifts is making time during Ramadhan to go shopping. You are usually worn out from tiredness (mentally and physically – moreso mentally if you have had a busy day at work or home) and often day dream about the salivating treats you’ll find for Iftaar – the mere thought of heading to a mall straight after work,  trying to figure out what to buy xyz person is as appealling as working a 24 hour shift.

But some us begrudingly eventually get there. Even if it is by chance. And we hope the effort we put into Eid is recriprocated,  making it an enjoyable one for us and for the one’s we spend it with.

And may this Eid bring with it in abundance peace, serenity, contentment, good health, patience, tolerance, and blessings in our relationships, our self and for you all.

Eid Mubarak to you all whenever you choose to do it (Sunday 20th Sept or Monday 21st Sept ).

Share how your Eid day is usually spent 🙂