Did anyone catch The Glass House on More4 yesterday? I missed it and was hoping to catch it on 4OD but it’s not available to watch 😦

This is what Glass House is about:

No one runs away from happiness” says sixteen year old Mitra. She sits alone on a park bench, struggling with her deep abandonment issues and contemplating running away.  Her lonely days consist of cooking and cleaning for her father and brother who both abuse and neglect her. Sussan is 20 years old and she has endured so much physical abuse and head trauma that at times she stutters when she speaks. Years of rampant sexual abuse by her own brothers has culminated into a dangerous drug addiction. At an age where most girls are only concerned with make up and clothes, Samira, 14, has been to rehab for the second time. The local police found her unconscious on the street. Nazila, 19, is a juvenile delinquent turned rapper. Although it is illegal for women in Iran to record songs, she says that rap is “how I express myself”. Her deep and meaningful lyrics tell the painful story of an angry woman who resents the society that has discarded her and made her who she is.

The Glass House by Hamid Rahmanian and Melissa Hibbard takes you deep into the lives of these four girls as they courageously tell their stories while they struggle for their uncertain futures. The Glass House is the untold story of young women who have been cast aside by their society. They have been abandoned, abused and neglected by their country and their families. With no resources, they have no hope of ever improving their lives, until they come to Omid E Mehr. (Source)

Any idea where I can watch it online? Its not on youtube either :p