I loved this comment posted at Sophister’s blog when he asked women what we know about ourselves! A snippet of it is below:

Women want to be understood. So a woman will attempt to comminucate with you and will start by saying what it is that she wants you to understand. If that doesnt work, she will atempt to demonstrate it to you. If that doesnt work, she will call your attention back to it, and demonstrate at the same time. When that doesnt work, she will wait for a better opportunity to demonstrate it to you, and demonstrate it to you then. When that doesnt work, she will become very irritated with you, and everything you say or do will annoy her. During this time, she is likely to lose a lot of respect for you, and that loss of respect will taint your every move and action until everything is a sign of your inability or ignoring of her wish to be understood. On the other hand, if you do manage to listen to her and understand her – she will increase in her love, respect and desire to please you.

Women also need to feel safe. That doesnt mean only safe from you, but safe from everything in this world that is a threat to her body, her mind or her sense of peace. If you support, or show support in anything that causes her to cry, to stress, to worry or to be unsafe in any of these things – she will see you as being against her instead of for her. She will therefore treat you like you are against her, and if you dont do anything to change this opinion, se will continue and increase in this feeling until it is sorted. But if you cant listen to her – it will not get sorted and she will continue on like this. If, on the other hand, you support her need for peace, support her need to feel loved, support her rights (most importantly the right to be heard), then she will increase in her love for you and protect you, fight for you and stand by you until the day she dies – even if you are wrong.

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