I have realised over the past few years that what I thought was the norm is infact a rarity and I had took it for granted.

I had assumed most women who go about their daily lives working, engaging with people, and are educated to a certain level would by default have interesting topics of conversations and viewpoint.

How sadly mistaken I have been. I have come across numerous women in the past few years, who like nothing better than to talk about food, hair, makeup, waxing, manicures, the latest soaps on TV – steering them towards topics involving politics, or analysis of society beyond the oft repeated phrase “times are bad” is a struggle and a half which brings nothing but disappointment at the other end of the effort.

I wonder why they have no desire to talk about the same engaging and sometimes difficult issues I see many of my articulate and intelligent blogging female friends blog about? I realise there needs to be a balance – always discussing cerebral topics can be dry for some, but I personally find them so inspiring and thought-provoking. Of course I can talk about hair, make-up, food but my mind wanders after 2mins of this and I get bored very very easily. And I don’t enjoy such company in the slightest either – which makes it that much more difficult to tolerate and pretend you give a fish about their recent waxing nightmare at the salon.

Although the saying goes you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends I wonder when you have slim pickings in the first place can one really be in any position to be so picky?