I recently came across someone at a iftaar party (which are all the rage these days – who would’ve thought breaking your fast would become a fad in itself). I’ve spoken to this person numerous times before, and shared pleasantries, made some chit chat. This time something interesting cropped up.

During our conversation she mentioned that her 7 year old daughter doesn’t like the hair on her arms or legs. She said her daughter feels self-conscious at school, and around her friends and so she helps her daughter to feel better. How does she do this I bet you are wondering? Does she tell her she is beautiful as she is? That she isn’t hairy in the slightest?

No, she waxes her daughters arms and legs for her. Waxing. A 7year old girl. And now her daughter likes her limbs like that as she has accepted that she is hairy and so needs it.

I was shocked. What kind of a mother seriously thinks it is normal and acceptable to have her 7 year old daughters arms and legs waxed because she (and the daughter) think she is hairy? What 7 year old doesn’t have hair on their arms and legs?

What the hell….!