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Happy British Muslims

Following the famous giddy Pharrell Williams “Happy” doing the rounds everywhere, here is a British Muslim Version.






Blogger Meet up

On a hot and lazy summers day (Sunday) I met some lovely ladies and spent the day reclining under a tree in the park ~cue desi horror at under tree = jinn possession correlation~

I met the lovelyblogger ladies Organica, iMuslim and SafiyaOutlines and Organica’s fab pal Sarah on Sunday. We ate, talked, ate some more and then when we had enough eating we sat in the shade and…..talked some more.

It’s good to talk! Organica did try to tempt me to come to Philly….but I hope she moves to Canada before I plan that trip. I HAVE to know if it’s as good as she makes it out to be…..

This extends to all those who are your nearest and dearest:





children, and


If there is one movie which anyone would find intruiging, it would be about a Muslim taxi driver (cabbie) who whilst clearing out the home of his recently departed mother discovers he was adopted and infact was Jewish at birth. There ensues some funny moments as Mahmud (Omid Djalili) begins his journey in discovering his Jewish roots – The Infidel.

There’s been much in the papers about the movie. Some praise it for being a sensitive portrayal of a painful journey into identity, others deem it to be not deep enough. I thought it was funny – but you need to understand British humour otherwise it’ll be wasted on you.

Do watch it if you can!

Popped by Covent Gardens a few months ago, but am now just putting up the pictures! Been far too busy these days.

Covent Garden’s market is quite famous. Although when you hear of “market” you expect a line of stalls under the sky but some stalls are housed in what used to be the market area for stall holders quite a few years ago. Now you have stores and a few stalls mixed together.


This area shows the open stall area.

CG Open Area

This is the walkway with shops off on the right and left hand side


In the lower ground floor are more shops, specialising in all things kitsch; cute little gifts that make you go “aww” and feel all girly. Most men look bored but thats what they always look like when shopping with the women. There are also some restaurants. One time there was a young chap bellowing out an Italian opera tune. It was fantastic and there was quite a crowd. He was quite the eye candy I might add


Outside the CG Market from the front is a lovely white sandstone building which I think houses the Royal Opera.


On the backside is a church. The walking pedestrianised area is all cobbled, which gives it an endearing touch despite being a pain to walk on in heels.



And the exit/entrance depending on which direction you come to Covent Garden market. The writing above the building reads “Punch and Judy” which is what the traditional puppet play was referred to before other forms of entertainment took over. I’m not quite sure why its there. Any one with insight on this?


Next in the installment of Touring the City: Tower Bridge and Tower of London